The professional Due!
Due Pro
Price: U$ 1.999,00
ITEM : Due-Pro
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Due Pro is ideal for people who needs professional work with precision and speed.
Different from other industrial machines, Due Laser is a desktop 3D Laser cutter that is safe, modern and easy to use.
Quick installation
Installation is quick and simple. In less than 5 minutes is possible to be opertating your Due. Access our youtube channel for tutorials and applications examples. We are always developing new acessories and applications, sign our news letter.
Easy software
We developed an intuitive software based on the well stablished Octoprint . WIth it is possible to control your Due using Windows or MAC PCs or even tablets. THe software is free and has internet connection.
Several formats
Use your favorite software for your designs. Due accepts SVG, DXF for countour and PNG or JGP for images.
Control your Due wirelessly. No need for loose cables in the room.
Quality components
- Stainless steel rods and chrome coating;
- Auto lubrificant Iglidur bearings;
- Diode Laser of 7 W and long life with aluminum heater;
- Structure machined in structural anodized aluminum;
- Frame and protection in black piano acrylic.
Brazilian Product!
Due Laser was developed and is manufactured in Brazil:
- Efficient technical support;
- Spare parts in stock;
- Local economy development.
Due Pro
95 (H) x 650(D) x 650 (W) mm
8,7 Kg
Working area::
300x300 mm
Bi_volt - 127~220 V
Power use::
25 W
Max speed:
7.000 mm/min
Laser power:
7 W
Laser head life:
Above 5.000 horas
Files formats:

Stainless steel rods

Aluminum composites base.

Due has 6 months of warranty and we offer to all clients that buy one a training via skype or presencial in Due's headquarters;
We ship your Due within 20 workink days. The deliveryd is carried by specialized courrier company and takes p to 5 working days for Brazil.